Jeff and band at Firefly Music Festival,  June 2019.

Jeff and band at Firefly Music Festival, June 2019.

Jeff Draco is the moniker of nineteen-year-old Jeff Gilman. Jeff writes and records all songs on his own in his childhood home in Mount Airy, Maryland. Jeff blends dream-pop and beach rock, to create songs filled with nostalgia and “that will make you want to sing and dance to them with your best friend’s in the world.” 

Jeff has been playing music since age six and played guitar for Nashville group The Willies on several occasions and featured on Diamond Youth’s EP “Don’t Lose Your Cool” in 2012. Throughout high school Jeff fronted garage rock group STRANGER and joined Baltimore rock group The Dune Flowers on drums in the summer of 2017. Jeff began writing songs for Jeff Draco in the fall of 2017 and released his first single, “On My Mind,” in March 2018. He then released his most acclaimed track, “Don’t Keep Me Waiting Around,” two months later and released his debut album in September of 2018. Since then, Jeff has put out two more singles, toured the east coast, and played at Firefly this past summer. Jeff plays with a consistent live lineup of friends Roberto Capoccia (Drums), Josh Poggioli (Keys), and Oscar Schoenfelder (Bass).

Jeff is set to release an EP this fall, and is releasing the lead single from the EP, entitled “For Too Long” on September 6th. Jeff currently lives outside of Washington, D.C. in College Park, MD where he studies marketing at University of Maryland.